After 25 years in the t-shirt industry I sold our business and retired.  This lasted about 2 days.  I missed the creative part of business and the interaction with the retailers.


It was time for a comeback, so I made a phone call to someone who called me one time to see if we would be interested in helping them get their product to market.  It was printed toilet paper.  What a fun idea.  I called and asked if they were still doing this, and was told the owner had passed away.

I offered to buy the press, but they really did not want to part with it.  So I asked if they could get it up and running again, and if so would they be interested in doing printing for us.


A few days later J. T. P. Wholesale was born, and since then the press and our company has be on a roll.


After the success of the monogrammed bathroom tissue, we were looking for another item.  Since I usually would have a cup of coffee every evening, my wife was always telling me to use a coaster.


One day we were going to someone’s house for dinner and we stopped to pick up a bottle of wine.  She asked the clerk if they had coasters.  We looked at the display, and they did not have anything with initial’s we thought that would be a great gift.


The monogrammed coasters have become our second product, and we have found this to be the perfect gift.  Now we have added the X-Jock and Future Jock t-shirts and onesies.  You never know what creative items J. T. P. Wholesale will introduce.


So that is our story, we started in 2002 and still have many of our same customers.   Thank you for taking the time to read this.



Marc and Darren Polish